Behavior Analytic Approach

Behavior Analytic Approach

One approach is a "behavioral analytic" approach to education. By using a behavioral analytic approach to our teaching, we always assess our students based on the learner’s entry skills and are able to clearly specify and behaviorally state instructional objectives. For our students who have individualized academic learning plans, we make sure that our objectives are all detailed, measurable, and individualized. Using a behavioral analytic approach to teaching means that we take the methodologies and strategies of behavior analysis and implement it into education.

We use principles of interactive learning, consistently measure and evaluate educational outcomes, and develop - as well as validate - an effective technology or instruction design and delivery as our teaching method. Additionally, we use a variety of well-designed curricular materials to create highly structured, fast-paced, and active engagement learning. We also strongly believe in a systematic use of positive and corrective feedback to help students gain greater confidence in themselves and their academic success.

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Why do we create measurable and behaviorally stated objectives?

At Kidz Solutions, it is very important to us that our students are constantly motivated and know what we are doing and why we are doing it. We write behaviorally stated instructional objectives for three reasons.


The "Guide" is a structured, comprehensive plan that assists us (as well as the assigned tutor) in navigating through the customized, specific instructional content for each student.


We constantly communicate with our students and parents on what the student is learning, the proven techniques we use, and ensure that both the student and parents are confident and feel good about the tasks they are learning and our processes.


We are able to specify and outline the standards we utilize, and continuously evaluate the student's progress in specific areas, as well as their performance, in order to provide an ongoing, optimized feedback loop that fine-tunes the student's learning process.

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