Academic Support

Academic Support

Small Group Homework Solutions

Small Group Homework Solutions:

For Children In Grades K - 5

Our Small Group Homework Solutions Class is a two — four day a week experience that is geared for students who struggle to get through their daily homework, need assistance organizing their week, and benefit from repeated exposure to previously learned material. This program does not include academic remediation and is designed to provide structure and accountability of assignments.

In this class, we constantly use multiple types of instructional and independent instruction, positive reinforcement and immediate feedback on assignments and prove those to each student.

We are able to not only help your child succeed academically, but also turn frustration, anger, and stress into excitement by using different learning tools, technology based applications and multisensory activities!


  • Focused Attention Of Reviewing And Checking Assignments.
  • Plan And Organize Weekly Work
  • Homework Monitoring And Support
  • Reteaching Of Challenging Material
  • Help With Difficult Assignments
  • Study Skills And Test Prep
  • Executive Functioning Skills
  • And More!
One-On-One Academic Tutoring Solutions

One-On-One Academic Tutoring Solutions

For Children In Grades K - 8

Our One-On-One Academic Tutoring Solutions services are designed to support students who either have a history of academic challenges, a diagnosed learning disability, or who have average to above-average academic abilities, but need assistance with a specific skill or subject area.

We assist students in staying motivated, teach them different study skills, assist with executive functioning skills, and provide an overview of previously learned material or concepts.

This program will benefit any child who requires extra one-on-one support with an experienced and expert educator. Students who require more remedial help may benefit from our Intensive Academic Solutions service.

  • One On One Individualized Attention
  • Test & Quiz Preparation
  • Study Skills And Tips
  • Home, School, Or Office Sessions
  • Executive Functioning Skills.
  • Grade Monitoring
  • Teacher/Therapist/Parent Collaboration

Most of our services are available in a small group setting

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