Intensive Academic Solutions

Intensive Academic Solutions

Intensive Academic Solutions

Intensive Academic Solutions

Through our targeted and customized approach to tutoring, our individualized academic solutions service is designed to address specific learning challenges, gaps in knowledge, or academic difficulties that a student may be experiencing in reading, writing, or math. This program is designed to provide a tailored and comprehensive approach to assist students to overcome challenges and reach their full potential by providing targeted support and interventions. All students who receive this remedial service will have these below key elements included into their programming.

Below is a description of our Academic Individualized Solutions process:


Individualized Assessments: Our remediation process begins with a thorough assessment of the student's academic strengths and weaknesses. This may involve diagnostic tests, evaluations, and discussions with teachers or parents to identify specific areas of concern.


Targeted Learning Plan: Based on the assessment, a customized learning plan is developed. This plan outlines the specific areas that need remediation, sets clear learning objectives, and establishes a roadmap for addressing the student's unique needs.

Progress Monitoring: Regular assessments and progress monitoring are integral to specialized tutoring remediation. Tutors track the student's development, adjust the learning plan as required, and communicate progress to parents and educators.


Specialized Instruction: Every tutoring session focuses on providing targeted and specialized instruction to address the identified challenges.

Multisensory Approaches: Remediation often involves employing multisensory approaches that engage various senses to enhance learning. This can include visual aids, auditory tools, hands-on activities, and interactive exercises to reinforce concepts and improve understanding.

Emphasis on Fundamentals: Remediation typically places a strong emphasis on reinforcing fundamental concepts. Tutors work to fill knowledge gaps, strengthen foundational skills, and build a solid understanding of key academic principles.

Adaptive Technology: In some cases, our programs may include adaptive technology and educational tools to cater to individual learning preferences and provide additional resources for remediation.

Positive Reinforcement: Kidz Solutions thrives on creating a positive and supportive learning environment is crucial in remediation. Tutors provide positive reinforcement, encouragement, and constructive feedback to boost the student's confidence and motivation.


Being able to learn skills in isolation and one on one with a teacher is one skill set. However, if a child is not able to take what he/she has learned with us and apply it across a variety of different settings, we believe that we have not done our job correctly. To ensure that your child is able to generalize and apply his/her skills across different settings, we use the following two approaches.

Collaboration with School and Parents: Our Individualized Academic Solutions services are most effective when there is open communication and collaboration between the tutor, school teachers, and parents. This ensures a holistic and coordinated approach to the student's learning needs.

Our Holistic Approach: At Kidz Solutions, we believe that remediation is not only about addressing academic challenges, but also considering the student's overall well-being. Our tutors factor into their tutoring sessions things such as motivation, study habits, and self-esteem to create a holistic approach to support the student's success.

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