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All Services

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Educational Assessment

Educational Assessments are key in being able to determine a student's current strengths, weaknesses and progress.

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Academic Support

This service is designed to support students who have average to above-average academic abilities, but need assistance with a specific skill or subject.

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School Shadowing

Our "school shadows" work diligently to assist our students in succeeding in and outside the classroom by providing them with the proper support that they need.

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Early Childhood Support

Our Early Childhood services serve children from three to six years old. They are correlated to the Florida State Standards. In conjunction with our comprehensive pre-assessment, we are able to identify potential developmental delays as well as giftedness.

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Home School Learning Coach

This service is designed to assist students who are either being homeschooled or attending an online school platform. After filling out a brief survey, your child will be paired with a learning coach.