Early Childhood Support

Early Childhood Support

Our Early Childhood services serve children from three to six years old. They are correlated to the Florida State Standards. In collaboration with our comprehensive pre- assessment, we are able to identify potential developmental delays as well as giftedness. Additionally, we are able to determine your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses and assess their school readiness.

Our instructional planning from our pre assessment focuses on the following six domains. These areas cover a broad range of readiness skills in order to identify each child’s specific strengths and needs.

Key Early Learning Domains:

  1. Physical Development
    • Pre-ambulatory, Gross motor, and fine motor skills.
  2. Language Development
    • Receptive and Expressive Language skills (Recites alphabet, reads letters, reads numbers)
  3. Literacy
    • Phonological awareness
  4. Mathematics and Science
    • Sorting, word problems, understanding numbers, count in order, counts objects
  5. Daily Living
  6. Social- Emotional development
    • Interpersonal and Self-regulatory Skills.

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