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                                                               Social Skills

People may think that social skills are only skills used amongst friends or isn't such a critical skill to obtain, however, social skills has a much bigger and essential meaning behind it. Social skills are skills that are associated with problem solving, decision-making, self-management, communication, and peer relation abilities. Students who have poor social skills may be mistreated by others, looked at as “different” in school, or not be able to live a functional and independent life as an adult. 

At Kidz Solutions, we believe that all children should be treated equal and be  as independent as they could. We provide an exceptional social skills program for children between the ages of two and fourteen years old. Some of the social skills training that we do are as follows:

  1. Manners and positive interaction with others.
  2. Bullying
  3. Friendship Skills
  4. Appropriate Classroom behavior
  5. Appropriate ways to handle anger or frustration
  6. Acceptable ways to resolve a conflict with others
  7. Appropriate communication with a peer
  8. Self Hygiene
  9. and more...