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 When most people think of a “shadow” they typically think of someone who is constantly following a student around and not doing much more than that. However, being a shadow means much more. At Kidz Solutions we offer shadowing services for children with and without exceptionalities. We offer our services for children as young as two years old and as old as fourteen. Besides helping to decrease problem behaviors that may occur at school, some of the other things our shadows normally focuses on are as follows:

  • Helping a child achieve academic skills
  • Social skills
  • Behavioral Skills
  • Communication

Based on what your child needs, we begin by conducting either a behavioral or academic assessment to assist us in creating the appropriate program for your child that will target each child’s specific needs. Our assessment will also allow us to set clear goals as well as detailed, observable, and measurable objectives. Each child who receives our shadowing services is then paired with a certified tutor or behavioral therapist who is trained in data collection as this is quite essential when it comes to implementing our program and keeping continuous data and progress on the child. Not only do we constantly keep track of your child’s progress through data intake, but also are always in contact and meet with parents, teachers, therapists, and other people that may work with the child.