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                                                                 Our Approach

Kidz Solutions is a company based on the philosophy that each child is a unique individual and learns in a different way. In regards to our customized programs and exclusive approach to teaching, we believe that all students can be successful no matter the obstacles they face. We strongly believe that learning should be built on personal and individualized needs in order fill each child’s academic, social, emotional, or developmental gaps. Not only is each of our programs created specifically for each child and adheres to each child’s correct learning style, but we also make sure that learning is constantly fun! We provide multiple types of positive and immediate feedback throughout our sessions as well as teach our students through different technology, learning tools, and games. Through our modified programs and assessments, each child is able to build the confidence they need to achieve great educational or social endeavors in and outside of the classroom.

Based on your child needs and current skills, we conduct either a norm referenced or criterion referenced assessment to ensure that we are able to pinpoint three essential components. 1.Where your child is presently at. 2. What their strengths and weaknesses are. 3. Where they need to be in order to succeed either academically, socially/emotionally or developmentally.

Most of the programs offered at Kidz Solutions consist of a customized four-step process. This four-step process allows us to ensure each child is receiving the correct implementation or modification and that each child is later able to generalize their prior and learned skills inside and outside of the classroom.