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                                               Early Childhood Services:


Kidz Solutions believe that all children develop and progress at their own pace. However, the early developmental years of children are the most crucial and should be consistently monitored. From about birth to age five is the time when the brain develops the most rapid and is the most critical period for children to build a solid foundation for learning that will last a lifetime.

Using our Early Childhood Screening assessment, we are able to determine each child’s specific strengths and weaknesses, assess school readiness, identify potential developmental delays, and identify giftedness amongst children. Our assessment screen is research based and provides a high degree of accuracy as well as includes a high sensitivity and inter- rater reliability. Kidz Solutions provides concurrent validity and reliability as well as compiles all assessment results. Having these results we are able to efficiently create an individualized program based on your child’s needs.

 Our Early Childhood services serve children between the ages of two and seven years old. Our programs are all strongly aligned to both the common core state standards and early learning standards getting children ready for school. Our instructional planning from our pre- assessment focuses on the following fix early learning developmental domains. All of these areas cover a broad range of readiness skills in order to identify each child’s specific strengths and needs.

                                                          Key Early Learning Domains:

 1. Physical development

  •     Perambulatory, Gross motor and Fine Motor Skills.

2.  Language development

  •    Receptive and Expressive Language Skills (alphabetics, phonemic awareness, oral and written language)

3. Academic Skills/Cognitive Development

  • Literacy and Mathematical Skills (Sorting, word problems, understanding numbers, count in order, counts objects).

4. Adaptive behavior:

  •   Daily Living

5. Social- Emotional development

  • Interpersonal and Self regulatory Skills.